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PS3 Games and Blu-Ray Movies


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So I just got a PS3 over the weekend.. after spending $400 on the PS3 and another $200 on games... I'd love to find a way to copy others. Does anyone know of a program to rip them, or copy them? I did a little bit of a dogpile search and I didn't get much.. so I thought I would put it out here.


I know I'll have to buy a blu-ray burner so thats going to be a huge investment too.. but if I can have all the PS3 games I want for $20 a disc vs. paying $60.. I'm all for it.




The second part of this is does anyone know of a "Blu Ray DVD Club".. like BMG or Columbia house.. one of those kind of deals where I can get like 5 Blu rays for free then have to buy some. I'd like to jump start my blu ray collection.

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