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Looping "Before you Begin..." Screen


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To start I am using the Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD SSE2/SSE3 (32bits) DVD. I burned it to a DVD at 1x speeds and even did the integrity check before the installation started. The install took about three hours and almost froze a few times. I have the install log if that needs to be posted. After it restarted I used EasyBCD to setup a bootloader and it seemed to boot fine. After a few thousand errors regarding cache and my primary Vista drive NTFS (sorry couldn't really read the exact error as it flew by quite quick). It then loaded a gray background and the mac cursor appeared. A couple minutes later a saw a little video clip of the apple logo with a Leopard style background appear continuing to a "Before you Begin..." screen. It said that setup could not detect the keyboard setup and proceeded to go through five steps to setup find the keyboard layout. That went fine, but after that it asked about data migration in which I said I needed not and hit continue. This is when it paused for about five minutes and then restarted from the gray screen and the "Before you Begin..." screen.


I know that was a little long but I wanted to make sure you knew as much information to possibly help me. Now the setup:


Motherboard: Foxconn 6150BK8MC with nForce 430 chipset

Processor: AMD Athalon X2 4400+ Socket 939 Toledo Core

Video Card: EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB (Which I checked off on the install customization.)

Audio: Creative X-Fi 'Fatal1ty' (Installed but not expecting to get it working could just having it installed be causing problems though?)


The hard drive layout is as follows:

Western Digital SE16 250GB SATA with Vista x64 Installed

2X Western Digital SE16 250 SATA in JBOD RAID formatted NTFS with Documents, Music, etc.

Western Digital 500GB External HD via USB 2.0 with 40GB Partitioned to Leopard rest free space


Thank you for any help you may provide.


BTW this is also my first OS X install on a AMD PC but I am familiar with UNIX/Linux variants

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This is precisely where I am at right now with the nForce 430 chipset.


Any chance someone found a solution?


To answer the obvious "why are you still using 10.5.1?" question: I am on a Phenom 9500. So, everything else has the reboot issue.


I am pretty excited that I finally found a way to boot, but am stuck now...


Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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