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(re)Building my hackintosh

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OKay, so I had my first attempt come out fairly well with the flat-image but here is what I have to build with today...



C2D 6550 Intel Proc

4GB Kingston PC5200@667Mhz

PNY 7300GT

(various assortment of drives BUT, OS will be on a Seagate 80GB SATA drive)


This will be dual booted with XP (but I will have the AHCI enabled on the board).


I intend to once again use the flat image as i was never able to find the mysterious Kalyway Boot Prepare CD for download. I have had success with the GA-P35-DS3L and the flat-image with the only issue being the audio driver. I even had EFI v5.1 running on it.


Does anyone have any suggestions for what I may need to get everything working on this?

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