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Installation on Asus P5NE-SLI and AHCI


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Hi everyone,


I am a complete noob and stumbled on the whole OSx86 thing only a few days ago. I am in the middle of downloading the latest Jas release of 10.4.8 with both patches. I am running an Intel Q6600 quad core with an Asus P5NE-SLI chipset. When I try and configure the SATA options on my BIOS there is no option for configuring the SATA mode which means no AHCI. I checked out the Asus support page for my mobo to see what was up and it said that they removed the option from the BIOS in version 0407 (I am running the latest BIOS of 0703). I was curious how necessary it was for me to change the SATA modes. I was planning on installing on a fresh IDE HDD and was wondering if simply turning of all the SATA controllers and JMicron would be sufficient, or if even that was necessary. If I am asking a dumb question please enlighten me, I love what everybody is doing here.

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