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Help Needed New Installation Total Noob


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Hello all,


I just installed Leopard on my homemade pc!! Beautiful UI. Hate Vista...anyways. I have a few questions, mainly regarding getting the right drivers.


My Setup:

Motherboard: Asus A8R-MVP

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+

RAM: 2GB DDR 4200

Graphics: GeForce 7300 GS

Hard Drive Primary: SATA 320GB (Vista)

Hard Drive: IDE 80GB (OS X Installed on this one)


Drivers I installed:




Drivers I need:


And possibly chipset? (Not really sure, but I know it's running a little slow)


Anyone know where I can find the audio kext for the ADI AD1986A SoundMAX card? Does anyone know whether I am missing something that would result in the os being kinda slow. It seems that even moving the mouse around the screen is a little sluggish. I am really new at this so I don't know what to expect so any HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED even if its just knowledge about how everything works within Leopard.


Thanks Everyone,


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