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Windows x64 and Mac 10.4.8


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I have a Windows XP x64 and an ASUS P5V800-MX and I installed the Mac 10.4.8 (JaS) the same way that show in video tutorial founded in You tube, installed the Acronis OS selector and now my computer don´t load the XP. What I have to do!!!! Sorry by the English

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:) hi,

this is a very good guide.




to restore xp64 boot you have to follow this guide but you have to flag the xp64's boot partition.


may be you have to re-install macos.... B);)

this is an abstract just for your problem (commands without quotes):


"type "fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0". The 0 is the number following the "disk" in disk0s2. Hint for the Noobs: replace the number, here 0, with YOUR OWN MacOSX disk number! Note: you will be in the sub command prompt of the fdisk program.


-Then type "p", it will list the partitions of this HDD. Verify the number of your MacOSX partition just be sure that it will be your OS X system partition and not another you will make active. The active partition (here Win XP) will be identified with an "*".


-Type: "flag 2" where the 2 is the partition # in the "disk0s2". Hint for the Noobs: replace the number, here 2, with YOUR OWN MacOSX partition number!


This will mark your partition as the active partition for the boot sequence at PC start-up.


-Type: "write" to write your changes (it will ask you if it's OK to set the changes on the next reboot, indeed, say Yes).


-Type: "exit" to exit fdisk program.


-Type: "exit" to exit Terminal. "


-Close terminal with Command (ALT)-Q. "

I hope it helps you.


PS: sorry for my bad english too... I'm Italian :thanks_speechbubble:

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