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Newbie needs help. Hackintosh, vista and raid

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Ok I am totally new osx86 but am really looking forward to building a new pc that will run osx86, however I need some help and don't want to slip up on any banana skins. So if your not too busy all help is greatfully accepted.


Proposed setup:


1. Dual boot Vista 64bit and osx86 (Leopard)

2. Vista to use Raid 1 Samsung Spinpoint 500GB x 2


Question 1 - From reading the forum osx86 doesn't handle raid so is it possible to setup raid on 2 drives for vista and a seperate drive for osx86 and have a boot menu when you switch on.

Question 2 - If I use RAID 1 if one drive fails I don't lose any information is that correct?

Computer is to used for


Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Video editing, Databases, Solidworks

Not really into games will be used for the odd game to relax.




Case: Antec P182

PSU: Corsair 450W VX Is this powerful enough?

Processor: Q6600 Should I consider overclocking and are ther different versions of this chip?

Will there be a massive price drop in this processor after xmas?

Memory: 4GB not sure speed I require?

Cooler : ?

Motherboard: Intel D975XBX2

Hardisks: Samsung Spinpoint HD501LJ Sata x 3


Video Card: ATI X1950Pro 512MB or 8800GT Which would bemost stable and best for Solidworks and is the 8800gt worth the extra money?


Apologies for all the questions hope someone can help.


Many thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

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