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10.4.9 wont boot after replacing Gfx Card.. Ati>NVIDIA

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I had an allready working 10.4.9 system, worked like a charm, but was unable to get enhanced screen with my Ati X1600. So I decided to replace this card with a Geforce 7300 GT.


Forgot to uninstall the Natit (Ati) :P driver after booting for the first time i saw the Apple boot screen but nothing happends.


Started in single mode. tried to uninstall but got a lot of lines asking to overwrite permisions y/n .... weird... :)


I putted in my install DVD and tried to repair permissions and so on on the disk, so far so good..

Rebooted.. but again nothing happends after a while the logo gaved me a Timeout


tried to run Kernel Parameters like -v -x ..same thing.. never got into Login screen


What can I do?


Is it possible to use a kernel parameter to start Osx with a Default VGA driver, so once I log in I can install the proper natit (Nvidia) driver ???


By the way I canot find in the wiki a list of usable kernel parameters, anybody knows where i can find?


Another thing... typing -v -x it always hangs with the same line " Couldnt aloc Class com_mifki_r3d3" something like that.. Does that have something to do with my issue?


Any advice would be welcome, Im desperate dont want to reinstall everything again... by the way I dont have the Ati card anymore :(



Thanks in advance.

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Another thing...


Is there a way to edit a specific config file to avoid loading the ati driver at boot time? (In case there is no way to boot with some kernel parameters)


If so where can I find it? what lines do I remove/replace..?


thanks.. Im feeling a bit lost here

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Ok.. got it working again..


First, I commited a stupid error...


After booting with the -s switch I should have turned on the rw on the disk ( mount -uw / )


and then I should have run the uninstaller (./uninstaller)


I downloaded NVinject http://nvinject.free.fr/downloads.php ( infact Latest_NVinject.0.1.5-Tiger.zip )


NVinject installation :


Copy NVinject.kext or NVinjectGo.kext in folder /System/Library/Extensions/

Remove any natit.kext, titan.kext or nvidiaefi.kext from Extensions folder

Use NVinject permissions command script to set correct permissions to NVinject extension (this will also remove extensions caches and kernel caches)



And thats it I have my Geforce 7300 GT running in Dual Screen enhanced!! (not mirrored)


I hope this small explanation can help someone else.


By the way.. no one knows where to find all the Kernel Boot parameters supported ?


Thanks. ;)

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