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Ok finely I got to work on Mac OS x86 for my dell inspiron 9300 but ran into some trouble I used the "Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate" found at http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...le_And_Accurate


got the partition setup like said checked using partition magic But this whole DD thing confuses me a bit tried any way to type where to install but could not get to work if someone would help me out by telling where to place DD files and tiger-x86-flat.img with line command for it I would worship you


Here is the windows management instrumentation tools readout on what my partition is:Win32_DiskPartition.DeviceID="Disk #0, Partition #0"



Partition magic reads it as : First physical sector 63 , last physical sector 13,655,249 total space (6,667.6 MB)


please help

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