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Emergency... Please help


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i tried to install tiger and dual boot it with vista.... tiger installed no problem and i tried this to dual boot it


1. Reboot the computer from the ISO image that you used for installing the OS X.


2. At the Darwin boot screen, press F8.


3. The boot screen will then ask you for the startup options, please key in -v and -s (i.e., -v -s).


4. Now you are in the command console mode, type in fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0.


5. Now type in print and you should be able to see a list of disk partitions available, please search for the partition that you have installed your Windows XP on, normally, it should be the very first partition on the list.


6. Now set this partition to be active by key in flag [PartID] where [PartID] is the ID of the Windows Partition.


7. Finally, type quit to quit and reboot.








then i put in my vista dvd to load vista and it did.. but EVER THING IS GONE NOW.... all of my programs. files and documents and everything... it still shows my user name and password and i get this error,



error loading mscories.dll??



i am able to logon to cmd...




can some please help?

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