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Problems patching Leopard .iso file


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Alright, although I still did not get networking to work in Tiger, I did manage to transfer the patch files from xp to Tiger running in VMware. I am currently following this guide below to patch my Leopard install disc but since it is prepatched for SSE3, I need to swap a hacked SSE2 kernel in its place.


The link to the guide is: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=68077&st=0


Now since I was told that I need to enter the whole path to files, it raises some questions as to what to type into terminal.


This is how the desktop looks like at the moment:




In "hdiutil attach -readwrite $path_to_patch_dvd -owners on", the path to the patch dvd according to the screenshot should be "$Administrator's Computer/Mac OS X Install Disc x86.iso" is it not?


In the next step, I had to navigate to the .iso file but the folder "Volume" does not exist. If I type "cd Administrator's Computer/Mac OS X Install Disc x86.iso", the terminal will tell me that I already did that. However, if the folder "Volume" does not exist on my computer, it would not make any sense to include it in the path.


The next step requires me to move and rename the original mac kernel I am guessing but I do not see the renamed kernel anywhere.


The last step in patching the .iso file is to copy the hacked SSE2 kernel in the original kernel's place but I am not sure if that actually happened. Also, is there supposed to be a space followed by a period behind "mach_kernel"?


Then when I eject the virtual cd in Tiger and think I am done, Daemon Tools still has the .iso image mounted so I am wondering if the patching actually had any effect at all. When I attempt to boot up the Leopard installer using the patched .iso with Daemon Tools, I get a kernel stack error at the grey apple boot screen. I am guessing that means that the kernel patching did not work?


If anyone could resolve this problem that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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