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cant boot osx after installation


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OK lads.. thats the time when i need your help.. so..


i've done carefully instalation of osx 10.4.8 JaS AMD patched image..

i've gone thru instalation succesfully..

and now.. when it restarts after instalation..

i hav that no airport driver found error.. (i've read, that thruinstall you need to deselect wirless devices in packages to install but i don't hav any wirless devices down there), 

but the main thing is that i have sound ?!(it looks like its afterinstall welcome screen or something like that, i never used mac be4 so im noob) so it looks like instalation gone fine


one more thing is, thru the installation process i've read that:

Installing Jas 10.4.8 AMD SSE2/SSE3 With Semthex's 8.8.1 Kernel. After the install press F* and at the prompt type -v -s and at the next prompt type ./patcher 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt


Ive done that aswell but i have:



Maxxuss Mach-0 Binary Patcher v1.0


Cannot open patch description file 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt




Please help me guys.. i've sped long hours with that in past week and i hav nearly enough


P.S. sorry for my language but.. english is my second lang.





Thats how it screen looks while i hav that guy saying something about first start ;]


My Spec Is

AMD x2 4600+ s939


4x 1gb Corsair pc3200 400MHz @ 466MHz

2x x2600XT 256 GDDR4

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