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Leopard Installation


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greetings and congrats for your work on Leopard


I am trying about a week now to install leo on my pc which is:


Asus p5w dh deluxe (Updated to the last firmware)

2 X 1 GB DDR2 800 OCZ Gold

1 x ! GB DDR2 800 Kingston Hyperx (the other one broke to pieces by accident)

1 SATA 250GB Western Digital (Windows Vista, my current software)

1 SATA 80 GB Samsung (I want to put Leopard in here)

1 SATA 80 GB Seagate (Temporary Storing)

1 USB 320 GB USB Western Digital MyBook (Store)

Sapphire HD 2600 Pro 256MB Grapphics

Sound on Board


With these specs can someone please tell me if i can install Leopard or not?


And if i can tell me how to do it in a step by step guide (Bios Settings, Disk format, pre and post patch e.t.c.)

i already have patched a retail MacosX Leopard Disk with brazilmac patch (hopefully correct)


I know that i am asking too much for the step by step guide but i am completely confused with all these

I am kinda noob with this, I had a hackintosh before but it was a lot easier back then (it was a 10.4.6 JAS disk)


so i am practically begging you for your help,

and i would be more than pleased if you can help


Thanks a lot in advance

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