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AMD Leopard Hang on reboot


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Hi all,

I am fairly new to this whole OSX on a pc thing so a little help would be greatly appreciated. I was able to install Leopard on my AMD PC, but it hangs on reboot after the install is complete. The error I get when I boot with -v is as follows:


localhost kextd[10]: IOKitQueit() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols

localhost configd[33]: InterfaceNamer: timed out waiting for IOKit to quiesce

localhost configd[33]: InterfaceNamer: no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID

CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=93[lssave] clearing CS_VALID


Here are my hardware specs:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+

2GB PC2-6400

Onboard NIC and Video (nVidia GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard)


All help is greatly appreciated.


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I'm having the exact same problem. I've got my installation log if it's useful, I've attached it to this post. I use the same motherboard as the above user, and am installing to a pata drive. My DVD drive is the primary master on this channel to resolve the waiting on root device error, the hard disk is the slave. Installed using Leo4All V3 DVD.


Any ideas on how to solve this?




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