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6877 micro star international

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I have a laptop on which I have just installed OS X Tiger.

It's working surprisingly well, USB, ethernet, graphics etc are all fine, just no sound and no wireless.

I'm working on the sound, but my wireless card has me stumped!

I had a similar problem when I installed Ubuntu Feisty on the machine, but when I installed Gutsy it worked ok.

It appears to be an internal USB card called a '6877 micro star international'

Has anyone heard of this card? An extensive Google search turned up nothing useful, and I couldn't find anything on this site either.

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Nobody heard of this one?


I ripped the thing out of my laptop to get a proper look at it.


It is marked:


DYnamic MO-VO

E150630 94V-0


And on the only visible chip:







I have no idea what type of card it is, seems to be smaller than a mini pci.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

It measures roughly 5cm x 3cm, and fits into the socket like memory cards, ie. you push it into the socket then press it down against spring pressure to seat it. It is held in place by two screws.

It has 18 pins then a gap, then another 8.

I dunno, I haven't messed around with the inside of a pc for a couple of years and now I'm back to being a complete n00b!

If I can find out what type of card this is, maybe someone could recommend a suitable replacement?

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to microwave this card- it's used up many hours of my life trying to get it working first under Linux and now on OS X! :yoji:

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Ok, I found my card in system profiler (doh!)

My excuse is that I'm new to OS X and I didn't know where to look....


It's shown as:


802.11 bg WLAN

Version: 0.01

Bus Power (mA): 500

Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: Ralink

Product ID: 0x6877

Vendor ID: 0x0db0


I found a thread on the forums which pointed me to an installation package called 'ralink wireless drivers installation wizard.mpkg'

Unfortunately, when I try to install it, I just get a message saying 'there were errors installing the software' and 'please try installing again'


I'm using 10.4.6 because I can't seem to find any working torrents for later versions. Could this be the problem?

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