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Intel D915GAV Onboard audio NOT working out-of-the-box


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Confusing where to post this -- hope it's in the right spot.


I looked at the hardware compatibility wiki prior to buying any hardware and finally chose the Intel D915GAV mobo because it was supposed to have everything working out-of-the-box for Leopard.


Unfortunately, I haven't been so lucky. The onboard audio (which is supposed to be an ALC860 Realtek) doesn't work, and I've tried all the kext patches I could from the various help forum topics posted on this.


Any ideas on what's going on?


mobo: Intel D915GAV

Leopard install: ToH 9A581 RC2



Please & Thank you... (Please tell me if more info is needed to diagnose)


P.S. Everything else seems to work as promised. SATA HD, DVD-R, USB...



(cross-posted from the Hardware forum because I don't know where to put this, and I didn't get any responses to my question in the other thread -- possibly due to putting it in the wrong place?)

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