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Trying to run EAC under Darwine...

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So, I've been playing around with this, and I haven't had much luck. I've been having it hang at startup, which is apparently what happens when the drive isn't configured right in winecfg.


Well, the device location on my mac is /dev/disk2. Using this causes EAC to hang.



st another little tip, in case anyone else has this problem...


I was setting up Wine-EAC once again after reinstalling Gentoo, but this time I couldn't for the life of me get EAC to start without freezing. It would hang and require me to kill the wine processes manually.


It turns out that I had to use the mount point path in winecfg when setting up my CD-ROM drive under the "Drives" tab, not the device path. As in drive D: had to point to /mnt/cdrom, not /dev/hda (or EAC would freeze).


Doesn't make any sense, but that's the way it works on my system.

would imply this is normal. This is further supported by the following:



When I insert an audio CD and allow cddb to name it, I can set the drive path in wine to match; for example, if the CD is named "Album," I can set the drive path to /Volumes/Album. This will allow EAC to run as normal, except it will not report any audio data, and will behave as though there is a data cd in this drive. This makes sense though, because apparently the mac mounts audio and data separately. See the following:

(Audio and Data are on different

places on Mac OS X). Mount points would be something like "E:\",

"/mnt/cdrom", "/Volumes/Your CD".

If this is so, it would explain why EAC is being fed "data" and not audio.


So, does anybody have any input? Has anybody run EAC in darwine? Does anybody know where the real mount point on a mac is for audio cds?

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