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External sound card for surround sound in headphones


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I'm looking for an external sound card for my iMac that will simulate surround sound in my headphones for the purpose of watching DVDs. If I'm able to use it for gaming on my PC (also in simulated surround) that'd be an added bonus. I don't need it for music at all, as I'm building a high quality 2 channel setup for that purpose.


The only external card I can find is the Creative Xmod, which, for the price, would probably do the job. It uses CMSS-3D Headphone, which I've read does a decent job for movies, though it kind of kills the high frequencies a little and won't sound the best with high quality headphones, or so I've read.


The other option would be to buy an AV receiver that utilises some sort of headphone surround technology. However, this would likely be much more expensive. But if anyone knows of a low cost receiver that will do headphone surround, I'll definitely check that out too.


I'm looking for a low cost solution, so I don't expect anything of excellent quality. Just something to allow me to experience surround sound with a headphone setup as I don't have surround speakers.



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