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?Removable drive?


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hi there!another problem, but not so big :P

after installation of efi and vanilla kexts my leo installation started to see every HDD connected to onboard SATA ports as removable drives...


its a kind of aesthetic change in icons(orange icons, like firewire ie) but it does have an impact on spotlight: the machine is booting slower than before and after every reboot spotlight is indexing the drives.


small tip: after exchange of AppleACPI, IOAHCIFamily and AppleAHCIPort kexts from Brazilmac patch everything is ok.


what im going to achieve is pure vanilla system(maybe with some plists mods).


any clues, guys?

thx and best regards



problem solved!


just add those lines to IOAHCIFamily.kext, plugin IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext Info.plist:

<key>Physical Interconnect</key>
<key>Physical Interconnect Location</key>

and to AppleAHCI.kext Info.plist

<key>Chipset Name</key>
<string>ICH8-R AHCI</string>
<key>Vendor Name</key>

chmod it and chown it as usual and repair permissions via disk utility and youre done.


the system works now extremely fast and stable :D



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