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Inspiron 4150 working


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So, after much reading here, I managed to get Uphuck's 10.4.9 Tiger installed on my laptop. The specs of this particular Inspiron 4150 are 1.8GHz P4-M, 640MB RAM, RAdeon-M 7500, 30GB HDD and everything's just about working. I even managed the boot.plist hack to make the screen boot at its native 1400x1050 resolution - sweet.


My questions are small, but I'm sure there's a fix for each. The About This Mac Section reports the processor as a Mobile Pentium @ 1.2GHz. Now, that's a SpeedStep option that I've disabled in the BIOS - this much I know. I also know that I've seen a lot of talk about a speedstep.kext that's been over my head, but now that I'm searching for something relevant to this problem (processor speed underreported by the OS), I'm coming up blank. I don't know that getting the correct speed listed in the ATM section would mean anything for my speed, but it may, and it's worth trying to fix. Anyone with any insight on this one?


Second, I'm having trouble with the built-in DVD player. I don't know OSX well enough to say for sure, but it seems like the OS isn't recognizing the drive. Is there a way around this? Might I have failed to load a driver somewhere?


Third, is a Mobile Radeon 7500 going to support QE/CI? I'm not sure what they are, really, but I know that offloading graphics processing in an OS as graphics-heavy as this one could make a big difference in performance. Can I enable it with a driver? A set of commands?


Thanks for any help you can give me. Thanks, also, for all the help you've already been!

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