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Installation without DVD Drive


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Okay, this is a rather complicated question, so I'll do my best to make it plain and simple.


Here's the situation: I have a Dell Desktop with Pentium 4 1.7GHz, 1 Gb of RAM, 40Gb HDD, and a CD writer drive. I recently set out on a hacking project to get Uphuck 10.4 v1.4i r3 working on this machine. Unfortunately, Uphuck 10.4 v1.4i r3 is ONLY available in DVD format. The particular patched ISO I have is 1.36 Gb. I am looking for a way to boot this system natively into the installer (various vmware hackery has been unsuccessful) and install onto the hard drive. Unfortunately, I don't have a DVD drive...


The other equipment I have available: MacBook, 2Gb SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive, ethernet cables...


Please note that I am aware that I could just buy an external or internal DVD drive, but as I don't really have any money to spend, this is not really an option.


Also, I am familiar with Linux to some degree, so having to use a LiveCD is not a dealbreaker


My ideas: Is it possible to somehow boot from an ISO file, either on a flash drive, or on a separate partition? Or, is it possible to "burn" the ISO image to a hard disk partition, boot from that partition, install Uphuck 10.4 v1.4i r3, then boot into the partition where Uphuck 10.4 v1.4i r3 is installed? Or, can I use the Flash Drive to boot the installer as if it were a DVD?


Any ideas would be appreciated, as I have been unable to find any guides for my particular situation...


Thanks in advance

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