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"About This Mac" and Spotlight


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I am going breakdown some post install issues by importance.

  1. Spotlight won't finish indexing (can't use it)
  2. About this MAC won't show
  3. Calendar crashes when loading
  4. Sleep mode problem like so many others it won't wake up

I'm running THo release of Leopard installed on top of Tiger 10.4.10 mac.nub release.

Dell P4 2.8 (sse2)

1Gib Ram

Native drive for OSx 40Gib

256 GeForce video NDiva

How about some help here.

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Im also on a p4 2,8 with sse2 only.

I got the exact same problems. They may be related to the SSE2 emulation. Seems like us sse2 only poor guys will have to face the fact that os x will get more unstable for us the more it develops. But it's good to see that thing's life EFI with vanilla kernel develop, so it will be possible for me to build a perfect hackintosh when i get a new machine somewhere in the future ;

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