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pc_efi & Bluetooth hassles [when overclocked]


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At any overclocked fsb, the connection between my Apple bluetooth keyboard/mouse & either of my USB Bluetooth dongles (tried both 'Apple-approved' D-Link DBT-120 versions b4 & C1) malfunction inside Leopard; but not inside ordinary Darwin-boot Tiger. Leopard becomes unusable.


Symptoms are: 1st - cannot select a menu by a mouse-click; 2nd - any text-entry box recently typed in gathers a row of 'ghost' full-stops; 3rd - mouse-pointer starts to flicker . . by then the system is unusuable & has to be shut down.


A restart sees the same symptoms immediately, a shutdown sees them within a few minutes.


It is *not* a hardware issue: have used 4 known-working firmwares for this P5WDH.


Applies to pc_efi versions 1>v5 (plus Uphuck's 'magic boot' '200MHz' & a v1 netkas modded to 400MHz by gotoh).


Used vanilla SMBIOS & 4 recent netkas versions. Kernel is vanilla 10.5.1 (the major point of running pc_efi)


. . . no issues at default FSB of my e6420 (266).


Anyone here with similar firsthand experiences or a diagnosis?

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