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Tweaks needed for OSX

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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could point me towards tweaks/hacks/3rd party apps for the following:


1: Is it possible to move the min/max/close buttons to the right side of the window frame? I know it is sacriledge... but years and years of flicking to the top right just wont leave me.


2: Is it possible to override the default application behaviour when clicking the close button? I know it is there to close window only, but I would like it to always quit the application. I have raptors in raid0 so app startup time isnt an issue, and I hate leaving things open. I know I can just go to file -> quit... but thats hardly as quick as clicking the red button.


3: Can i make apps maximise full screen when I hit the maximize button, instead of the really weird behaviour that mac osx uses now? I think I have seen this somewhere before in these forums, but searching has not found it.


Thanks for your time



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