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Black Screen after BrazilMac PostPatch


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I installed the ToH version of leopard onto a properly partitioned blank hard drive. After installing it, I booted from the dvd into terminal and ran "/usr/misc/script.sh Leopard", as that is the name of my partition. After doing so, I could only boot into leopard with -legacy, but it worked fine minus proper resolution and sound.


Then I ran the BrazilMac postpatch according to Conroe Mac's guide located here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...8076&hl=ToH.


After running this postpatch, I no longer needed to boot with -legacy. Leopard will start to load, then once it gets past the grey loading screen, both of my monitors go blank, and I am able to move the mouse cursor back and forth between my two monitors, but it does not boot past this point.


I have searched the forums to no avail, and I am guessing that this is a kext problem with my nvidia card. Can anyone help me out? System specs are in my signature. Thanks!

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