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NVinject issues with Quadro4 900XGL

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Hi everybody!

So as it's written in the title I have a recurrent problem with display drivers with a Quadro4 900XGL (AGP) on OSX 10.4.10..

In fact the card works with vesa driver (omg at least vesa mode.. ;)), anyway it works with vesa but not with Nvinject so I can't get QE/CI, 3d acc...


I'm new in osx on x86, so maybe I missed something (even I followed the tutorial on nvinject's page), and I get everytime the pleasant message saying that I've to restart my pc..


Can I have a "deeper" help to solve it please? cause I really want to use osx (I've a quad-xeon :( and want to work on FinalCut)

Or has someone already made it with a Quadro4? (not QuadroFX series)


I found that my device ID is: 0258)


Thanks to all


PS: this was my first post so please be kind if I asked for "basic" things (even I used the "search" function :D ) but everybody has started the way I started: with some difficulties :(

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