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Auto connect to network share

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How do I get Mac OS X (or Finder) to automaticly connect to shares in my network?


I have:


- a Buffalo TeraStation (NAS) with several shares

- 3 Mac's (1 is a hack) running Mac OS X v10.4.10


When I use Finder I can browse my network, find my NAS and mount the shares as drives on my Mac. No problem with that but after a shutdown or restart the shares are no longer mounted.

In Windows I belive the function is called "reconnect at login". Does Mac OS X have this function and where do I find it?



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Hi John--


Try this: System Preferences--> Accounts--> Login Items, then add your network share there, usually by dragging from the desktop after you've already connected to it.


When I was using Tiger, I found that this worked most, but not all of the time when auto-login was enabled. With manual login it always worked. Unfortunately, now that I'm using Leopard, I cannot see my Terastation NAS at all, unless I connect using Samba.... sigh....

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