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iDVD 2.0 question


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I was sifting through a bunch of CD's in my basement and found my family's old iDVD 2.0 CD that came with our PowerMac G4. So, naturally, I tried to see if it worked. No dice. Apparently it was so messed up that it wouldn't show up on the desktop at all. The disc wasn't scratched at all though. So, here's my little request. Might anyone be able to send me, via the web somehow, a disc image or .sit archive of iDVD 2.0? The reason I'm trying to find this version of iDVD is because of this: Awhile back on Apple's discussion forums, I found this picture as one of the avatars




It immediately reminded me of the iDVD 1.0 icon yet a lot larger. So, I started going through some old external HD's in my basement and found iMovie 2.1 for Mac OS X. In the app, there is a similarly designed icon that is very much like iMovie 2 for Mac OS 9.




So, I assume by these findings that an icon like this exists in iDVD 2.0. So, if anyone could send me iDVD 2.0 or, just the icon file, that'd be awesome. :)


I'm also planning on using it for an iPhone/iPod Touch Summerboard theme.

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