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ToH kernel testing grounds


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Hey y'all,


First off, ignore my sign at the bottom, that needs to be adjusted. (Pretty much the same just new vid card and running Leopard now)


Anyways, I've had Leopard going for more than 3 weeks now, and for the first week was using my initial mach_kernel from 10.4.9 uphuck, and I figured hey, might as well move up to the new ToH kernel, it has sleep and all. Bad move, had problems from there on.


Just so you have some details, I'm using Leopard as my main OS, I have no Windows or Linux installed on this machine and I use my machine for about 5+ hours a day as I am in post secondary (Advertising if you must know) and have to do a fair bit of designing. So I have put my machine through its paces to say the least.


Really I just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that the new ToH kernel has some issues, I ran it for about 2 weeks, and programs were crashing like crazy! Not entirely sure what the problem was but it appears to be the new kernel, my older one worked fine and had no issues.


If you want more details feel free to ask, just figured I could let anyone know who was interested.



PS. Everything on my machine works 'cept 5.1 sound(only stereo).


Hope this helps someone




PPS. Not trying to bash ToH at all, just a warning for anyone to backup old kernel just incase. Props to ToH for all their hardwork though!




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