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Working Dual Display with QE on 7600GT OSX86 10.4.10


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Ok, first post here after a lot of reading on the boards.


I want to share my solution to getting my BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC working with dual display and quartz extreme. This is all under OSX 10.4.10.


This might be old news to the community but I bet there are others like me who need at least 10.4.9 for e.g. FCS2 and were having trouble getting both monitors to work with quartz extreme. One monitor wasn't that hard but 2 was really a pain.


1 - Install the Universal GeForce Driver Package made by Prawker


2 - Install the Natit Dual 0.2 driver


3 - Do not forget to repair permissions!


I can't tell you how happy I am after numerous failures.


I do not know whether TV-out is working.


My graphics adapter has 2 DVI outputs and I'm using 2 CRT monitors by using adapters.


Hopefully I helped someone getting his/hers to work and make this a useful first post.



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