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trouble! Installed fine, reboot, then 'Error Loading Operating System'


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I got windows installed, and do all the partitioning with partition magic.


I went through all the hassle, formatted the partition with FAT32, changed the type to ShagOS (swap), changed the IDE/SATA settings, Erase the partition from Disk Utility, installed the OS.

It finished, and start to countdown for reboot. It rebooted, but came back to the Darwin Loader, because the BIOS still set to boot first from CD.....


is this right? loading to the Installer took a long time, so I restarted the PC (ctrl-alt-del), and change the boot order to boot from hdd. But it says "Error loading operating system" or somesort...


should I just carry on with the installer loading again? should I remove the installer DVD and let it boot from harddisk?


what should actually happend after the reboot?'




my laptop specs:

Intel Pentium Dual Core (forgot the clockspeed, either 1.6, 1.8, or 2.0GHz)

1 GB of RAM

80 GB of HDD, split in 3 partitions (25 GB for windows, 25 GB for MAC, rest for data)

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