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HP dv2000 success


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I successfully installed the macdotnub 10.4.10 version on my HP dv2000 (dv2415us).


I had to enable the Intel video drivers (I enabled both) during the install. Without these enabled the machine would boot and hang at the "blue screen of death".


Currently not working:


Sound, Wireless, Power management.


Working "out of box":


Bluetooth, Webcam.


I had a heck of a hard time getting past the bluescreen.


I had an install of xp and an install of ubuntu, taking up the first 3 partitions of my drive (including swap). I used gparted livecd to repartition and then installed macdotnub to the new part. I had to repair windows and reinstall ubuntu to get grub back to normal. After that first install, I did a second install, and then an upgrade install on the same partition and did not have to reinstall xp or ubuntu.


I hope this helps some other dv2000 users.

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