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Request for trying a Mac program on Touch


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Hey there, I have been a long-time Mac user (currently have a macbook and a modified dell e310), but have never had an iPod. I haven't had an mp3 player for quite some time, so I am hoping that the Touch will be that and more. I heard about third-party apps, read about how the OS is a stripped down Mac, and love the interface and design.


Before I make any commitment, I was hoping if anyone would be willing to try out a Mac program on the iPod Touch: Anki. I did my homework and know that it requires Python, and that there is Python for Touch with library. In particular, if the program does run, I would like to know if the sound and picture features of Anki will work within Touch (for example, a flash card with one side sound, other side picture, etc.). If it wasn't for that unique feature and the spaced repetition algorithm, I would have no problem with the current flash card programs tested on the Touch. iFlashcard is too limited with only text for me.


I apologize if it is stupid to try a Mac program on the Touch, but I looked (maybe not hard enough) and could not find a definitive answer. Can you run Mac programs on the Touch? Also, if it is not compatible, is there a trick to make it compatible?


Thanks for anyone's help.

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