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How Can I Create A Video Simillar To The Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard Opening?


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Use motion, shake, or after effects


Note: Needs to be able to have 3d layers


Get a background image and scale it up to be very large. You want this to be 2d


Create text layers


position the layers of text through out 3d space and at different angles


Create a camera layer and keyframe flying from one layer to another.


*other animation to the layers are optional


*you want the bg layer to be bigger than the camera view and u might have to keyframe it to move with the camera

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I personally would use After Effects 7 for this because that is what I have and what I am familiar with


but Apple Motion or Apple Shake will get the Job done.


If you do not have any of these any 3d program might get the job done


Blender from Blender.org will get the job done but the interface is difficult to learn

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Well controls for the timing will be easiest in AE, Motion or Shake


I would say the Motion would be the easiest given Apple's ease of use with other applications


Unfortuately Motion, I believe is only available as part of Final Cut Studio but here is a trial site http://www.apple.com/motion/trial/


The only problem is that the trial is for Motion 2 and i don't know if Apple integrated 3d multiplane compositing until Motion 3


if it will not work you can download


Shake from http://www.apple.com/shake/trial/


After Effects trial is available from adobe.com

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They should


For after effects the layers I would use are


5. Camera layer (default settings work fine)




|(as many text layers as u want)




3. Another Layer of text

2. Text

1. Background (In leopard intro its a space image)


*Text and Camera can be created from Layer -> New -> Camera or Layer -> New -> Text


Before creating the camera scale the Bg up to maybe twice the composition size.


Then add your text layers spread out throughout the comp.


Click the box next to each text layer that is under a 3d cube This will make it 3d layers


rotate each layer along the green axis (Y axis) to various angles


You can create a camera and keyframe it (click the stop watch button) to face each of the text layers


Then keyframe the bg position so that when the camera moves down the bg moves down and vise versa


A great resource for learning AE is http://videocopilot.net/basic/index.html


Good Luck

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