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Tiger stuck at mac os boot screen

Space Marine

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Hi all,

it's my first post here :D


I have installed tiger 10.4.9 uphuck 1.3 on this machine:


Athlon 64 3200+ venice 939 E6 (sse3)

2x1gb ram dualchannel 400mhz

Asus a8n-e (nforce4)

sapphire ati radeon x800gto2 (modded to 16 pipeline)

Creative sound blaster 1024player pci (i know that will not work on mac)

2 HD, divided in that way:


1) 80 gb maxtor ata 133 7200rpm

I partition - c:\ 20 gb : win XP (ntfs)

II partition - e:\ 60 gb : data (ntfs)


2) 20 gb seagate barracuda ata 66 7200 rpm

I partition - d:\ 20 gb : mac os (hfs+)




I have installed mac os on d:, and after a really really slow installation (commands into installation's menu had about 5 seconds of lag, total installation time about 3,5 hours), i have set xp bootloader for loading osx too (using CHAIN0 file).


The PROBLEM is that when i load osx, appear a gray screen with an apple logo in the middle and a "loading circle" a bit under the middle, and it stays that way without doing anything or locking up for hours!!!


I have no idea of what could be the problem.


Has anyone any idea?


Thanks in advance for the answer :D

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