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CD duplication at reasonable price!


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I'm looking for a company that does large scale CD. I have a photo

studio and video shooting shop in UK. Recently I shot a video piece

which could be a breaking news for most of the world. I tried using

internet marketing and personal contacts to popularize the content but

I feel the need of CD duplicator at that time. Is there any device

available in UK market as such through which I could make multiple

copies (1000s in number) so that I can supply them in short time. All

suggestions and tips are welcome.

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Guest hemsly786

I think easymultimedia.co.uk will serve most appropriately for your

need. I'm amateur musician and I use services from this website. I

found it to be the best deal in UK. I checked and found that they are

currently offering 1000 with jewel cases for about £500. I hope it

will serve your purpose too!!

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