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osx86 with dual xeon 8 cores


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I am new here and new with OSX86 too, after I installed OSX86 in a core2duo pc with ati card... everything is working perfect, but know I am trying to install OSX86 in to a 8 cores xeon based pc with quadro pcie card but the system crash in the startup


I have another pc with pentium 4 and nvidia 5700le, after I installed the OSX on this pc it works perfect with, then I used this hard disk with in to the 8cores computer (without the quadro card) and the system detects a single cpu with 8 cores (not dual cpu) if I install the quadro pcie or the ati pcie the system crash, if I try to install with my DVD directly on the 8cores pc the system didn;t start up...


I don;t know why the 8cores xeon computer with the hard disk of the P4 starts up, but when it try to install the same DVD on it, the system crash, why i am using pc instead of mac?, because I am using nvidia's quadro systems and lustre2007 and these are not available for mac in anyway (only midrange of nvidia runs on mac).


I like a lot the OSX system to browse the internet without viruses and other garbage of the pc's, I am using redhat but i cant use photoshop and other programs on linux.


i hope somebody help me



best regards and sorry for my english

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