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World of Warcraft Crashes


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I just recently got a hackintosh working (10.4.9 uphuck 1.4i r2). The system seems very stable while doing regular stuff (Safari, eMail, etc), but World of Warcraft is constantly (randomly) crashing. It is of course the latest patch version. I'm currently at work, so I don't have access to logs, etc, but when I get access what information can I post that would help find a solution?


The problems I'm having:

1. Random crashes during game play. The game will crash, but the system is still functional. I can restart the game and play for a while longer before the next crash.

2. On one occasion, I had a hard crash. The system rebooted completely.

3. I'm currenly using Plantronics USB headphones (GamerPro). If I enable all audio, 1 or 2 minutes in the reverb goes crazy and all sound is messed up. I have to either disable audio and continue playing, or restart. Audio is fine if I only have the first few items enabled.

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