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How to get drivers extracted on partition


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I have tried installing versions 10.4.8 jas sse2/3 pp1/pp2 and uphuck's 10.4.9 on my IC7-MAX3 with a 2.8 pentium 4 northwood 800 fbs ht that only reads up to sse2.


I can never get either one of them to work so I am going to try a 10.4.6 version but I know that it is going to be the same result. It just doesn't boot up.


I don't really know what options to select in the install, I am computer literatate and I have been reading several hundreds of posts about how to get my system running at all aspects but I am having a hard time figuring out where I am suppose to extract my downloaded drivers, when I cannot boot up my system to extract them into a folder.

I am trying to install this OSX on its own Hard drive, and leaving the other Hard drive for windows. I read several posts talking about going into terminal and erasing things and typing in new things but I have nothing on my HD to link the command to.

My graphics card is a geforce 5500 nvidia 256 I have to install a Macvidia driver which I cannot find since the site is down, on my partition and terminal some changes but how can I get the driver on my Partition in the first place if I cannot boot. I want to install native not vmware, maybe that is the difference between me and the other posts


if someone can help please do if not I am worn out on this attempt anyways, its like you gotta go to hackintosh school to understand all this and there is like 5-10 different ways to do everything.

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