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After Leopard install FAQ + Problem&Fixes


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Feel free to add anything i didnt.


P:After install will show darwin bootloader for a few seconds then reboot

F:If mac sure post patching was done, either in terminal of the install dvd or from another install dvd. You cant not skip this step unless you install PC EFI after installing so you can run un mod. kernels


P: Set up assistant Gets stuck at "Do you already own a mac?"

F: If using ToH's DVD then start all over again and make an account in tiger then install leopard. If using BrazilMac's self patch DVD then use his first patches not the latest.


Q: I get a kernel panic while booting up?

A: Try booting again i get random kernel panics every once in a while a simple reboot fixes it.


Add anything else you have seen pop up multiple times

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