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ASRock4XoreDualVSTA and VIA Unkown erro


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Newbie here, so sorry if this is a really basic question. I tried loading 10.4.8 using the JAS SSE2/3 DVD and an spare ATA100 drive I had (couldn't sacrifice my one SATA one). The install began but hung with this error message:




The HCL says this MB is supported out of the box. But I also see instructions here (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/4CoreDual-VSTA) to add Via support (at least for SATA?). I'm willing to try that but I'm confused about how I modify those directories since I can't read the DVD (fully) in Windows and due to the install failure, there's no directories on the disc yet?


Any advice/links appreciated. And sorry if it's a stupid question - I did try and read the various forums first.

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