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First homebrew, question about tiger.


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Ok, up until recently I've been into windows. But I am becoming a pretty good grapic designer and want to switch over to Mac, because of stability, coolness, speed, and...well, graphics capabilities.


I am too poor to BUY a macbook, so I've decided to build a pc and install tiger. Here is what im using.


AMD Athlon Dual Core 64 6400+ Dark Edition (sse3)

ASUS M2N32-2LI Deluxe wirless edition am2 nvidia nforce 590 sli mcp atx motherboard

Sapphire 100213 Radeon HD 2900GT 256mb 256-bit GDDR3 PCI express x16 hdcp ready cf supported video card

G.sKILL 2X2GB DDR2 SDRAM ddr2 800 pc2 6400 dual channel desktop memory

Seagate barracuda 7200.10st3250410as 250gb 7200 rpm 16mb cache sata 3.0gb/s harddrive


Raidmax Ninja Black (w/ 120mm fan)


Sunbeam/ Casebgears lBlack steel 580 w power supply

Samsung black 1.44mb floppy drives

ASUS Black 16x dvd-rom 48x cdrom atapi/e-ide dvd rom drive

keyboard/mouse blabla


Ok, just wanted to verify, maybe someone less of a noob than me can tell me if anything is incompatible with tiger.


Anyway, so im really excited about my new comp, fastest one in my town pretty much.


ON To my next question, (sorry, but i wanted to include this in this single post)


If a (not so legal) tiger is installed, by itself, on this pc, (i dont need to have windows on it already because i can make the dvd on my other comp, if i HAVE to have windows on it first, please tell me), and my dad found out it was illegal, and said that the only way for me to update to LEOPARD is to buy the real leopard cd, well, lemme make the actual question in a diff. sentence, i cant word it well after what i just typed.


A) Is it possible for me to install it straight from the legal cd after i install illegal tiger?


:) If not, ill just install a illegal dvdrom and just purchase the lisence.


C) If I DO upgrade from illegal tiger to legal leopard, will steve jobs send a group of iNinjas to steal my soul?


Thank you, sorry for being noobish. Im just so excited.

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Check the HCL on osx86project.org for your hardware.


a) No, however there are some work on PC-EFI that will enable you to run a Vanilla kernel.


c) No, there is no "Calling home" in OS X


Thanks much!


But uhh...what is PC-EFI and what does Vanilla Kernel mean? As said before, im a noob.


And yay, this way ill just install tiger and then upgrade to leopard and delete tiger. Windows XP wont take up too much space.

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