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Will installing Leopard wipe my entire HD?


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Having finally gotten the Leopard install CD booting; I`m a little worried about ruining the data on my HD. I have the following partitions set up like this:


NTFS 20 GB (Win XP)

NTFS 40 GB (Win Vista)

FAT32 20 GB (intended for Mac OS)

##Extended Partition##

FAT32 10 GB (Linux)

NTFS 375 GB (games, movies, etc...)


With the exception of that one FAT32 partition, the rest are filled with stuff I`d rather not destroy. I figure that MacOS has to be on a HFS+ partition right? I`ve been thinking about using the disk utility on the install DVD to convert/destroy&create a HFS+ out of that FAT32 partition, but will that mess up all the other partitions, like ruining the MBR and stuff?

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Okey, I tried doing just that now, but with some issues. When Disk utility did its short little magic, the new supposed new HFS+ partition didnt have a matching volume name that I had given it (I gave it the name "Mac OS"), but instead showed up as drive06 (or something, cant recall the specific name). I could not select it for install when quiting disk utility, rebooting the install dvd and not a single partition could be seen, not even the HD itself in disk utility.


In windows vista`s computer management the new format just shows up as "RAW". What`s the issue?

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It is a primary partition.


Here is how it shows up when I tried running first aid:



EDIT: Did some searching and did this in windows:

list disk
- shows you your disks
select disk 0
- or whichever drive you want to use
list partition
- shows you the partitions, verify that the empty space is there
select partition 2
- or whichever you want to delete
delete partition
- now it's unallocated space
create partition primary id=af
- makes a new parititon in the unallocated space with type AF (you can add "size=XXXX" for XXXX megabytes")

Which allowed me to erase said partition in disk utility and then make it to HFS+. Install then went OK. Let`s see if I cannot make it boot as well now...

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Ok, in that picture the partition is still formatted in FAT32, choose erase and change to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).



Yes I know. I did exactly as you described, yet it would still show up as FAT32 after it supposedly should have succeded. But then I did what I said in my previous post and it worked.

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