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[How To] resolutions on lcd displays


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after installing two new lcd widescreens with dualview and natit 0.2, my hacki didn´t offer me the correct resolution for the lcd connected to the vga port.the one on the dvi port has been recognized out of the box and fully working.after some trial and error, here the description for the fastest solution:


1. install your monitor first in windows and search for the right settings

(dvi or vga - dvi settings might not work for the vga and the other way around).

make a snapshot of the settings or write them down carefully (settings: front porch,back porch, sync width,scan rate,positive/negative,pixel clock/rate).the easiest way to find the settings is to open the app that was installed with the most of the newer video cards on windows.


2. download "SwitchResX" or "DisplayConfigX"

I would prefer "SwitchResX" because it´s fully functional as demo for ten days. "DisplayConfigX" is also a very good tool, but doesn´t offer you higher resolutions than 1024x768 in the unregistered version.


3. install "SwitchResX" in osx and open it in the kontext menu (rightclick on desktop).click on the yellow text that appears.choose in "SwitchResX" the monitor and apply first in "display" the right basic settings (you can get them from the other monitor or the manual of the monitor).now switch to "custom" and add a new resolution using the informations you gathered before in windows - now apply and save settings.


4.reboot and choose the right setting in the system preferences - done :)


if it still doesn´t work,proof the settings once again (especially the positive/negative setting)

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