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PowerBook G4 IVORY and wireless lan ..


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Hi there .. I have just bought a Powerbook G4 IVORY 667MHZ cpu and 512 mb ram, without Airport .. Now, I wanna make a dualboot with FreeBSD and OSX 10.4, and I need to get a wireless lan card .. I have ask myself, wonder if a normaly usb wireless lan card work good with this powerbook ?? .. I have thought a usb wireless card Atheros, example this Atheros USB Wireless Lan or other ..The question is, it work good with this Powerbook ??? Could you let me know some usb wireless lan compatibily with this powerbook G4 IVORY and MacOSX 10.4 ?


PS : Sorry my language .. I'm Italian, and my language will be improuve ..


Ty for your help ...

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