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Options for AMD x64 (sse3) machines?


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I haven't been able to find any concrete information around. I gather that JaS and Tubgirl are the two main releases, but these aren't as reliable as uphucks intel distros for example. I've tried both Tubgirl and JaS, neither work on my machine, Tubgirl throws an error before installing (it isn't compatible with 512mb cards anyway), and JaS boots to a blank screen.


My specs :


AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+

GeForce 7900GTX 512

Audigy 4 Pro

Sata / IDE Hard drives.

Gigabyte M57SLI (nForce 570-SLI)


Are there any distros out there that would work without much coaxing on this system? I'm not too bothered by how old it as, as long as there's a proven working AMD release around that I can mess with.

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