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Fix Audio for HP dv6447om

Alberto Camarillo

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after alot of reinstallations of OS X, i have finally found a working Driver for my Conexant HD Audio


here is the link to the topic (download AzaliaAudio.pkg)




When installing OS X be sure to install the AzaliaAudio feature. Im not sure if it works without it, but i do know that it works if you install os x with it then apply the Patch.


I used


Mac OS 10.4.8 Jas AMD-INTEL-SSE2-SSE3 w/ PPF1 and PPF2


the only issue that i still have is the Intel Wireless, and Integrated Webcam, but those 2 arn't that big of deal. Atleast i got the audio to finally work.


i'll post a video on youtube later.



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