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FOOLPROOF 10.4.9 -> 10.4.10 Update?


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Alrighty, I'll admit it. I'm sick of running 10.4.9. I want iLife '08, and iWork '08. I'd really like 10.4.11, but for AMD I suppose that's no realistic choice right now.


But there is PascalW's AMD installer for 10.4.10.


Here's what happens when I use it: I open the ZIP, and am completely confused. Obviously some files are for AMD, and some for Intel. I trash the Intel-only files, and unzip the mach_amd kernel and rename it to mach_kernel. The other kext that came with it, I didn't know anything about. The installer was self-explanatory.


I ran the installer, not knowing what the heck to do with the kernel and kext. I looked at the readme. There was NO INFO on what to do with the kernel and kext, other than that they were "manual updates". But with no instruction, how am I supposed to do know how to do it manually? I looked up kernel-replacing instructions online and just replaced the kext into my Extensions directory. I used the kernel-replacing instructions to replace my existing kernel.


Keep in mind that I only did that after the installer had run. Something said wait and do not restart once the installer was finished. So, after the installer had finished, I did not restart, and instead moved those two files to wait the internet says was the proper place.


I restart after that. Darwin starts - the computer never loads, and remains on the apple symbol forever. I boot with -v, and notice that it's some NetInfo thing causing the problem. I reset the NetInfo database. This doesn't work. I continue to get "9 more attempts without living and the system will restart" or messages similar to that, with the 9 changing to an 8, etc etc. The system never finishes booting.


I reinstall OS X.



With no instructions, I have no idea what I'm doing. Somebody please give me *easy to follow* instructions that will guarantee the PascalW release to update my system, or get as close to guaranteeing it as possible.

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