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Airport Express Base Station Redux

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I have asked this question before but no one replied. Is it because no one knows or am I posting in the wrong forum? Or am I asking a question that's been answered a thousand times (I haven't found it though)? Could someone please help me or tell which forum I need to be in?


I just bought an Airport Express Base Station. It works fine out of the box but is not recognized in Network as an Airport base station. The USB drivers recognize the base station as an Apple Network. I was wanting to run through the 'Assist Me' wizard and set up an Airport connection but the option is grayed out (I need screenshots of this). I'm using an Asus USB Wireless WL-167g adapter to connect to the Internet (through the Airport Express Base Station). I've been to the "Tutorials" (wireless) forum and installed "Ralink RT2500-USB Driver (a la Airport Driver) - Development effort." It hangs my computer up and I have to reinstall Leopard (twice). Also the "Ralink RT2500-USB Replug Fix" does the same thing (another problem). Also from that forum I installed these drivers "RT7X_Ralink_Installer.dmg" and they work fine but install the same as the Asus drivers that I have.


Also, I can't install the software that comes with the Airport Express Base Station on my hackintosh. Leopard tells me it can't be installed on this version of OSX (red X on the drive when trying to install).


Again, connecting is not the issue. I'm already connecting with the base station. Is there anything I can do to have my USB wireless Asus adapter be recognized as an Apple card so I can setup an Airport network? Or just so my base station will be recognized as an Airport router? If so, please point me in the right direction.


Thanks for any help.

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