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Software & Hardware Installation Issues


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Hi there and greetings to one and all.


First and foremost a big thanks to all the hackers, geeks and volunteers out here for making MAC OS work on intel / amd hardware.


I seem to have a few small issues though.


Before giving details on my problem, let me give my hardware config details


1. Machine Pentium 4 CPU 1.7 ghz running on Intel Desktop D845WN motherboard



3. ATI Radeon RV100 QY Radeon 7000 graphics card

4. CPU Supports SSE-2


Sound output, I-Tunes, quicktime, all built-in apps and external blue tooth adapter works out of the box for me and the OS boots in 20 seconds flat.


The problems I face are

1. Display is showing VGA as GENERIC and not as ATI Radeon though the installer recognises the card, how do I use ATI Radeon and get quartz working.


2. WiFi card is TP Link USB Card using RT73 chipset (This rt73 module works on my linux box)

How to get it working in OS-x


3. Downloaded MS-Office 2004 from torrent, installed it as per instructions, got all the executables, but when I double click on any app such as work excel or powerpoint The App seems to start, the ICON bounces on the dockbar, but the application never shows up. It looks as though it never started.


Please help me, I love this OS and Need help to get my WiFi card, AGP Card and software running, any advice would be welcome.




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